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๐Ÿ”ฅ Moonday TAROT Message for NOVEMBER

๐Ÿ”ฅ Moonday TAROT Message for NOVEMBER

Great Mystery

Four of Pentacles

The Lovers

This moonth we have the invitation from the Great Mystery card to lean in to the unknown ever more fully and to accept that it is uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable to not know the future. It is uncomfortable to not be in total control of our circumstances. Can we get comfortable in this truth?

Four of Pentacles informs us about boundaries. That boundaries are the greatest act of self love available. That boundaries allow relationships to be fully honest and in inteGRITy. Boundaries have been really maligned by our culture which trains us to be martyrs and to give everything to our work or to others. We are told it is selfish to fill our cups before we tend to others. This is simply not true. Boundaries allow us to remain vital - and vitality allows us to be of service. Period.

The Lovers reminds us that we are all simply reflections of one another. That which irritates or angers you about another also lives within you. We are all messy humans and capable of both miraculous and dastardly things. If you find yourself angry or frustrated this week, take notice of the particular action or trait. Then find the root of that particular within yourself and tend to it. Enter engagements first from a grounded, humble place... otherwise you may set yourself for a conflict that might be stemming from a victim energy rather than a compassionate space.

Be kind beloveds... we never know another's path of trauma, karma or story. If in their place, we would most likely behave in a similar way.

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