❄️ Moonday TAROT Message for JANUARY 2022

Welcome to 2022! In this snowy first Moonday Message of the year, I offer simplicity.

Reveal the Peacock Beauty

This card from the Kuan Yin Oracle speaks to finding our focus and letting it rest in the beauty of our lives. Finding the path of beauty. The walk where we accept all of life, yet give our energy and attention to that which holds beauty.

We always have a choice.

Despite all circumstances, we have the power to choose our internal landscape… no one can take that freedom away from us.

Some curiosities…. Please let me know what Arises!

What in your life is beautiful?

What in your work life holds beauty?

If it feels hard to answer these questions, consider placing your focus in a new direction in the coming days…

Also, consider joining WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women! The portal opens on February 1!

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