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Weekly TAROT Reading for JANUARY

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Moonday TAROT Reading for JANUARY

The Lovers

Inner Trust

This is such a sweet, deep message for us this week, and really all year long! 2022 is defined by The Lovers card!

This moonth, we are invited to begin stepping out of the cave and seeing how our inner lives are reflected back to us from our external relationships. We can always use this information in our healing process! Our external landscape is often a reflection of what's going on inside (for example, is your room always a mess when you are feeling overwhelmed? I know mine gets cluttered real quick in equal measure to my scattered thoughts...). So we allow ourselves to get super honest about what our external environment and relationships look like, and we get to decide if they are in alignment with who we desire to be or how we want to feel and experience our lives.

Life should be JUICY! So if our outside reality isn't - the best way to shift it is on the inside! Make those shifts within and the external begins to magically change. It is simply the way it is. When we change our rhythm, our flow, our frequency - we attract and allow different things.

Finally, Inner Trust from the Sacred Rebels deck reminds us that we CAN trust ourselves! We have everything we need within to guide us during these times of transition and transformation. Follow what feels good, feels right, and feels true. TRUST yourself!

If TRUST is a difficult space for you, consider joining WYLS Moon Medicine Collective for Women! IT is a beautiful membership space of fellow souls on their healing journey- reclaiming our power, boundaries, and trust amongst other things! You are INvited!

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