Moonday TAROT Message for JANUARY

Nine of Swords


Raccoon vertebrae

The Moonday Message this week gives us a clear invitation... where are we staying busy, obligated or committed that simply isn't in alignment anymore? Where is our energy leaking in ways that no longer offer reciprocity? Where do we continue doing things we actually don't want to do because we feel like we "have" to or "should"?

This week offers us the universal permission slip to Just. Let. Go.

Nine of Swords shares the constriction that occurs when we are over-full and not in alignment. It feels like being surrounded by swords and unable to move in a new direction. It's not a problem - we all have times in our lives where this sensation arises. It can be challenging to let go of jobs, projects, relationships etc just because they no longer feel right. We sometimes assume we must have a reason or explanation for our choices - but that is not actually true.

As a Sovereign Being, you have full autonomy over your personal experience and can release whatever is not in alignment at any point without permission from others. You are in charge of your ride. You are the recipient of all consequences and opportunities of choosing (or not choosing) to remain in alignment with yourself. It is YOUR life. And this week is inviting you to OWN it.

In the Nine of Swords, we release that which feels constricting in the body... and through this choice we magnetize in SIMPLICITY. Oh my, when simplicity truly lands, it is exquisite. The sense of calm and peace that is possible when we unplug from the complexity of the "have to" and "should" mind space is utterly delicious.

Supporting here is the Raccoon vertebrae. Raccoon, the ultimate mask wearer, beckons us to question every obligation, every choice in our lives and fully claim the ones we wish to keep. Sometimes this means accepting that we have been wearing a mask metaphorically and not behaving authentically out of pressure to be more _____________ - fill in here (more loveable, more desired, more responsible etc). Yet once we see and own the masks we have adopted, we have the power and authority to slip them off and actually walk our talk.

Even if it means others might be uncomfortable. Or relationships might shift. Or jobs may change. By holding our inner authority firm, we create the space for new aligned relationships, projects and work to enter our field. We begin living life through the eyes of Great Mystery. Such a magnificent and different experience!

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