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Moonday TAROT Message for DECEMBER

Moonday TAROT Message for DECEMBER

Ten of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

This week is grounded in the element of Earth with the Pentacles.

We are invited to come back hOMe to ourselves and to stop focusing so much of our energy outside of ourselves. The Ten of Pentacles warns us to disconnect from any martyr or victim energies and allow ourselves to give space for others to have their process. It is a thin line between support and savior. Take time this week to look at ways in which you might be reacting from a space of righteousness and instead lean into self tending and then supporting from that full cup within. How many brain calories are you expending pondering other people's lives, choices and ways? Is it exhausting yet? We don't have to carry this shadow of the Mother. It IS possible to bring our attention inward.... and where our intention goes, our attention flows and our energy grows.

The Seven of Pentacles invites us to remember our own life purpose, our own shine. To begin creating and remember that the most impactful influence we can have is walking our talk and living life in inteGRITy. That type of way showing can never be take another's right to process and is in right relationship. Use the remainder of this moonth to follow what delights you. Rekindle a lovership with yourself and just watch how it ripples outward!

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