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🐻MOONDAY Tarot Message for DECEMBER



Get Curious

High Priestess

December is a moonth requesting tender self care, curiousity, comfort, and wisdom as we step into the invitation of re-patterning. How might our lives shift if we can become curious about one another, about our personal habitual reactions, and about what feels good in the body?

This Message comes with the reminder that we have been through a lot these last few years... compassion goes a loooong way when considering how we speak to or think about ourselves and each other. Bear reminds us that we are both resilient and in need of nurturing. Squirrel gives us the reminder that preparedness is supportive, but worry and running harried is destructive.

Get Curious - this archetype brings us a message of spaciousness. The more we can override our assumptions and reactions and lean into true curiousity... the softer we can become. The more we can receive. And the easier we are received by those around us.

The High Priestess reminds us to lean on the wisdom of the magnetic polarity. The innate wisdom in our bones of how to be soft and responsive to an ever changing environment. The learned wisdom of the body and your Ancestors.

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