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Moonday Message for JANUARY

Ace of Cups

Simple message today... the Ace of Cups.

We are invited into our emotional body at this time to really feel and digest our feelings all the way through until they are complete. This is the path to feeling deeper intimacy with ourselves and with others. Instead of suppressing our thoughts, needs and boundaries - this week the invitation is to express yourself. Allow it to be weird, messy and vulnerable.


Feeling is healing after all...

Underneath the feels is the juice. The truth. The feelings hold as anchors or place markers to points in our day where things were out of alignment and needing attention. That's all! And once we offer attention, release the feeling then magically we stumble onto the truth and perhaps the ways in which we can remedy whatever feels off.

The brain may try to sidestep the awkward bits by telling you that what you feel in too much/too big etc... just remind that cute brain gently that you can trust your feelings and that you are curious to discover why you feel the way you do.

We can let self intimacy be an exploration!

If you would like more self intimacy... WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women opens her doors on February 1!


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