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The Speaker Series event at Earth Space PDX

EARTH Space PDX is a community center with a purpose to uplift EARTH ~ Education, Art, Resilience, Trade and Healing. This is a two-story building in SE Portland on a 3,485 sq ft lot. The ground floor functions as a consignment shop, art gallery, movement studio and event space. The upstairs operates as a co-working space with private studios. The backyard is a dedicated permaculture space with garden beds, a greenhouse, a chicken coop, and a covered stage. Our next project is to create a darkroom and a wood shop in the basement.

Through this community center, we provide both indoor and outdoor spaces for people to connect, collaborate and create. We offer opportunities for people to use local resources and utilize our spaces to host their own workshops, classes and events. Since opening, we have operated solely on a volunteer basis, paying out of pocket for all expenses. Our goal for this project is to support daily operations, expand infrastructure, and develop community programs.

The next Speaker Series will feature Wyld Lee!
Join us Tuesday, August 16th from 6-8pm at EARTH Space PDX for an educational presentation followed by a Q&A session + networking.

$10-$20 suggested donation appreciated :)
Nourishing dinner & beverages included!
Presentation Title: Leaning into Mystery : Empowering Ourselves through Chaotic Times
Presentation Description:
In this exploration, we will investigate the concept of Great Mystery and how we collectively have been domesticated; inviting in the possibility that we may have unconsciously consented to avoiding and judging the discomfort of the unknown. We will ponder the potentiality that discomfort and mystery may actually be a rich psychosomatic pathway for soul evolution. We will also investigate The Sovereign Map - a five step framework that I feel are necessary in reclaiming one's sacred space and coming back into right relationship with one's essence and truth amidst a very busy world hell bent on influencing us and redistributing our energy away from our Soul Work.
Speaker Biography:
Wyld Lee, The Feral Oracle, is the heART behind Wyld Fempyre.  Her Soul Mission is to burn down our collective programming and conditioning one woman at a time by embracing the magnetic and guiding others to remember and own their magic.  Her message is simple: Undo your own domestication and notice how swiftly you rebirth yourself; life suddenly transforms when we fully return to our power, our essence and our sovereignty. Wyld's body of work includes intimate individual healing packages, group containers and her signature Rebirth Initiation packages.



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