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A Year in Your Business:
An Intensive for Boss Witches

In this Intensive, we will be diving head first into the coming year of prosperity and challenges for your business.  We begin this delicious dive with The Year in Your Cards Reading which offers a Moon cycle based Map for the energies present in your business for the upcoming year.  You will receive one card for yourself and one card for your business for each Moon cycle of 2023 which will give the texture and essence of that Moon.  These readings are sooo juicy + poignant; they really offer the planning mind an opportunity to relax and take in the ebb + flow of the upcoming seasons.

I want to share how I plan my business out using Tarot, Moon time and seasonal choosing rather than Sun time, tax quarters and linear thinking (these are here, just not the focus!). Think pussy witchery manifestation making…

After pulling cards, you have the knowledge to build in breaks, plan your projects (or leave the space for new projects when they drop in) as well as a flow for the year that you can refer to over and over again (audio/video recorded)


We then take all that fantastic information and jump into the actual framework planning of your next year!  I will guide + support you in crafting the Map of Prosperity that you are calling in.  We will break the year into quarters based on the Solstices + Equinoxes (because we are witches of course), we will assign flow to each moonth, name each revenue generating magic spell and create the path for abundance to come to YOU!


In this safe space, we will also use the cards and Wyld’s 27 years of experience to navigate any sticky mental places or resistances encountered along the way. A space of accountability where you leave my table feeling seen, heard, rejuvenated AND with a Map in hand for your business flow… magically! For those procrastinatrixes who just wing it each moonth but know they could be better served with some sacred structure.

You will walk away from this Witches Intensive feeling held + excited with a Map for your next phase of expansion!

Sessions are recorded for your reference all year long and will be approximately 4 hours long ( keep your day open
  in case we need the space).

You will also receive 4 check in readings throughout 2023 to keep your business in alignment… and a moonthly email check in with reminders from your Intensive.  Consistent support all year long for you and your biz!

Exchange for this phenomenal service is only $1111 and is available for only 11 Boss Witches.


For those who would prefer only the Tarot Reading for their Business, this is available for only $333 (also recorded for reference.)




Or pay in four moonthly installments of only $282


For Reading Only



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