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What is a FEMPYRE?
Wyld Fempyre is my antidote to our culture of empire and excess.  
In my work, we place your cultural conditioning and programming on the sacred pyre (fire) of evolution and watch it burn until the Phoenix of your Soul rises from the ashes unscathed and fresh with innocence and inspiration…
Stepping into the Fempyre is an Initiation into Rebirth… you will be forever changed.
Are you feeling the pulse?
Now is the time!  
It is time for women to step out of our domestication and into our birthright of wholeness, influence, creativity and impact!  
Time to heal… for ourselves, fellow women, children, humans, animals, trees, plants, soil…for Mama Earth of whom we are all a part.
We do this work TOGETHER for us all.
Step into the dignity of your Divinity, claim your Sovereign space with Holy Boundaries, learn to access pleasure and emotional capacity, develop deeper Intimacy with life and dance with Great Mystery in delight instead of fear… 
Become the Queen of your own life!
Welcome to the Wyld Fempyre!
The world needs you to be free…


Which Iconic Queen Are You?

I am Wyld...
The Feral Oracle
and the heART behind Wyld Fempyre.  
My Soul Mission is to burn down our collective programming and conditioning one woman at a time by embracing the magnetic and offering guiDANCE through my well honed skills as a Seer, Somatic Spaceholder, Quantum Witch and Pussy Queen

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This morning I had a tarot reading with Wyld Lee - but calling it a "tarot reading" is a bit of an understatement. I think Wyld called it a "tarot exploration" and honestly even that can't convey the wonder, precision, beauty, and depth of this experience.

Wyld pulled cards for me, yes, - and also crystals, and words, and an animal card - All of these treasures woven together with Wyld's own intuitive impressions and all I can say is WOW.

It was like walking into a magical forest where the animals speak your secrets, the rocks write love poems to you, the wind sings your name in a lullaby, and your guide is an expert in all the languages.

The information threaded together so many parts of my life and was so deep and insightful it's almost hard to put into words. The synchronicities were off the charts, and I have some very clear direction about where I'm headed now, with purpose, and passion, relief, excitement, and loads of inspiration.

If you haven't booked a session with Wyld you're missing out on some serious magic.

Thank you Wyld for sharing your gifts and talents with me. I'm in awe.


Your rebirth begins here...


Personal Medicine Sessions

Wyld specializes in offering personalized Medicine Sessions tailored specifically for each client. 


 Group Offerings and Services

Wyld offers an incredible array of opportunities to bring medicine and magic to the public! 

Rebirth yourself and own your Joy.

Current Offerings


MoonMountain Highway Readings

Wyld visits MoonMountain Highway on the second Friday of every moonth to offer readings for the public. 



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