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Wyld Lee




Wyld Lee...

Over the last 25 years,

I have evolved my work as a tarot reader and energy worker to bring a wealth of insight, guidance & internal resonance to those who desire it.

I call my work ~ Joywork. 

Joywork is the practice of making life magic again. 


I believe that we all have the capacity within

to heal ourselves;

yet as a communal species we benefit from the mirror of another to help us find our path in times of need.

I consider our time together safe, sacred & brave space. 

These card readings & resonance sessions allow clients to be held, dive deep, and come to their own knowing so questions can be answered,

fears released and choices made.


~ DeLIGHTed Seekers ~

What They’re Saying

Wyld is a true intuitive and compassionate guide.  In giving me a reading, she was able to hone in on and lead me to hidden areas that were pertinent for my growth and transformation that I would not have otherwise faced.

Laurel M

Wyld senses deep into my energy body and pulls out what is hidden about myself so I can fully understand and heal. I love working with her and know that every time I do, it is guided by a higher divine light.

Karlyn H

My experience each time with Wyld is deep and very meaningful. She has a way of receiving and giving insight, even the difficult to discuss stuff, with such sincerity and sweet understanding. Wyld has truly helped guide me on my path, I am so grateful for our sessions together!

Kris O

Wyld's Offerings

I offer a variety of healing services within safely held, sacred YET BRAVE space.

The foundation of my work begins with universally guided Tarot card readings intended

to help you (the Seeker) find your place, purpose and patterns.

My process expands into therapeutic support through compassionate listening, emotional territory guidance, and embodiment (IN BODY) practice along with Energy Medicine ~ Reiki, Sound Healing & Tuning Forks in particular.

I also integrate physical allies including crystals, essences, elixirs, and essential oil mixtures. 

Through these modalities along with sacred personal and group ceremonies,

we work together in releasing that which no longer feeds you & creating space for new flow & personal liberation. 

I look forward to sharing space

when you feel called forward into your healing process and your path of joy & liberation.

Tarot Resonance Sessions


Choice not chance determines destiny.