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Personalized Medicine Sessions

Wyld specializes in offering personalized Medicine Sessions tailored specifically for each client. 
Whether you choose a one hour Truth Transmission, a longer Resonance Session or a more in-depth Intimacy Coaching package (such as her signature Rebirth Initiation) - you will be held with supreme care and receive the medicine desired to begin unraveling your own domestication.
Leaning on her intuition and deep connection to Great Mystery along with 27 years of embodied practice, Wyld instinctively senses what each guest is deeply longing for and uses her wide variety of skills to support her clients in stepping out of the rigid cages of their old life and into the spaciousness of living from a place of power.
During our time together, you may experience any of the following offerings. 
• Divination
• Truth Transmission 
• Tarot 
• Bones
• Vulnerability Practice 
• Intimate Inquiry
• Body Presencing
• Tuning Forks
• Sound Healing
• Energy Attunement
• Energy Clearing
• HERbal Offerings
• Reiki
• Magical Practice Suggestions 
• Spiritual Guidance + Support
You will leave a session with Wyld feeling seen, heard and lighter than you did when you entered. 
Your curiousity and zest for life will be rekindled and renewed in this healing space.
Give yourself the gift of deep intimate support. This is the type of work that is truly transformational!
Please reach out if you have any questions or curiosities about a session or package and what might be entailed  We are delighted to answers any queries!

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