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I am now offering private Mentorship Cauldrons for a select few BEings who feel called to deepen their medicine in this unique way.  


This is a rare opening to the cave of my experience... I am calling in only those who can feel the pulse of this opportunity.


These Mentorship Cauldrons are an intimate and potent way to activate your personal power, uplevel your skillset, and receive emotional and energetic support in your evolutionary process.


If you already feel a YES - you may fill out the Application HERE

My ideal guest identifies as a witchy woman/human, ready to invest in doing her personal healing work, willing to step into the shadow of her experience to gather the gems, willing to receive empathic reflection, willing to practice suggested exercises and be responsive to accountability reminders.  She is ready to SHIFT, to live spaciously + generously, to OWN Herself + to take response-ability for her life.


This container is for blossoming healers, intuitives, and divinatrixes stepping into their Soul Work. Those who feel the power of investing in themselves and in being fully seen + witnessed.  


This Cauldron can be very beneficial for personal growth, education + healing as well as the empowering connection that has the ability to launch your personal healing modality and business into manifestation.


In these sessions and within the Voxer support container, you will receive the full power of working with a Seer, Divinatrix, Priestess and Soul Seductress who has 27 years of embodied experience in her craft.  


I am here to be of Service.


My expectation in this relationship is a full bodied YES.  You must possess a willingness to be transparent + vulnerable, a readiness to walk your talk and the intense desire to ride your edges in order to discover the power, potential + shine waiting to radiate from within you.


I AM NOT here to heal you or to dissipate your discomfort.


You are here to HEAL YOURSELF and create a life that satisfies YOU.


I AM here to impeccably hold the space and frequency for you to step into your exquisite you can OWN YOUR MAGIC!


I AM here to share the ways of my craft for those who dare to uplevel their skillset.


I AM here to witness + reflect your unfolding evolution into ESSENCE; the place where your sovereign power lives.


TOGETHER, we will craft something extraordinary!


These are initial cauldrons of expansion for only one or two moons based on your requested level of support.


(If you feel the juice and long for a deeper container, I AM receiving a few training apprentices for a longer, deeper commitment to the Seer's Way in 2022. If this piques your interest, let me know.)


Accessibility is important to me and all offerings have payment plans available.  Please connect with me to craft an exchange option that feels supportive if you feel called to this work.  Do not allow fear to prevent you from receiving if this feels like a YES - I trUSt we can find a way for reciprocity to be maintained!

Voxer boundaries apply - see additional information HERE 

Each container may be continued or upgraded moonthly as desired +

based on my practice availability.  No guarantees can be given so please book accordingly when you feel the YES land in your body.

©2021 by Wyld Lee. 

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